With XML as the alphabet, many languages are defined through XML schema’s. But typical is the way each vertical defines its own language. Latest example that I was pointed at: XML schema’s for the oil industry at energistics.org.

But there are very little initiatives to define a common foundation, to define the words (nouncs, verbs) from which each vertical could define variations or specific XML languages. Many XML languages lead to many translations or transformations. Fine for us the integration experts, but overall not very efficient. ebXML Core Components gave the structure to define re-usable XML building blocks that could be used in different contexts and adapted based on region, industry, business process etc. But ebXML CC is used in some of the verticals, but not one a broad scale as is the case with good old EDIFACT.And as the XML standards in the oil industry proof, the trend of the last 10 years continues, many domain specific XML languages, specific for each vertical.

Authored by: Guy