Perhaps I picked the wrong presentations, or perhaps its because I already passed by most of the information booths the first day, but I found this second day of ProcessWorld a bit less interesting.
It started nicely though with a very good presentation by Alexander Osterwalder on high level (strategic) business modelling, namely their Business Model Canvas. For me it was interesting to see how a business models can be confined by the decisions made at a strategic level. As a side note, I would like to mention that, for me, this was the best brought presentation of the whole event.

Other interesting things learned:


I must say the technology seems sound with their “write once, deploy anywhere” idea for their new mobile acquisition. I was a bit disappointed though, by their tech-demo, as it was a most simple voting app. I would have like to have seen something that differentiates between a mobile app and a web-app (like GPS, phonebook,…). I’ am still not convinced that this acquisition fits in the portfolio of a middleware-company like SoftwareAG, but I’m sure they’ll come up with some good use-cases that convince me otherwise.

Complex Events

It’s a disadvantage when you have already spoken to a person and then go to his/her presentation: you get a lot of the same information again… Nonetheless their was a nice use case explained. The key for using CEP, is to determine if you have events or real data.

Product roadmap

The next major release (release K) will be for end of next year. A major focus for this release will be the manageability of the servers. They already made major advances with the 8.2 release (fixes through installer, new deployment procedure), but release K will improve this even more. As it stands now, the MWS in the next version will be renamed and offer more managing capabilities. There are also a whole number of other changes that were to small to read, and which they didn’t bother to read, so we’ll have to wait for the actual presentation to be released for that info.
In the meantime there could be minor releases that incorporate the new acquired technologies (Terracotta and mobile).

Cloud Ready

When they use this term, they actually mean certified for the Amazon Cloud service. They are currently working on certifying their software for running on the Amazon cloud. As a matter of fact they all the VM’s on the floor where running on that cloud (until they got some serious lag, and they switches locally: hurray for the cloud! ;))
Otherwise they also talk cloud when speaking of collaboration. One of the ARIS products offers this nice (video) collaboration out of the box.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the wealth of information available at the conference. As this was my first visit, it is difficult to say if this was due to the new products and acquisitions. Perhaps I can tell you next year…

Author: Stefan