On the WPC (World Partner Conference) 2011, Microsoft revealed it’s future plans for their integration stack. It seems that BizTalk as product name will disappear in the nearby future…

A new integration platform (stack) is being built in the cloud, offering us most of the BizTalk functionality. The same stack will also be made available on-premise, thus replacing BizTalk as we know it today.

It is up to us now, to learn utilizing the new integration stack in the cloud as on-premise. This will keep us busy for the next 5 to 10 years, I presume.

Does this mean that BizTalk will no longer be supported? No! It just means that the integration stack as we know it today will remain fairly unchanged (they keep it aligned with their Windows, SQL and .NET stack) until the new product becomes available on-premise. How long will this take? I assume we will see the new on-premise product within 2 to 3 years. The name of this new product is not yet determined, so maybe “BizTalk” as name may continue to live J

This link gives a good overview of what we may expect.  And the WPC presentation video.

Author: Koen