For application integration, things look very promising according to Gartner: “organizations will spend 33% more on application integration in 2016 than they will in 2013”.  That’s the main message of Gartner’s report “Predicts 2013: Application Integration“.

Stephanie Mann of Techtarget reports on that same message being communicated by Gartner at their AADI conference, some interesting snippets from her article:

  • “What you want me to say is that cloud APIs [application programming interfaces] are solving your problems, and that REST is the answer,” Lheureux told his audience. “But we’re not just automating the process and sending messages. We’re looking at actually collaborating more at the process-execution level.”
  • “More than 50% of the cost of implementing new systems will be spent on integration in the next five years,” Schulman said. “Our architectures are obsolete; the way we approach integration is obsolete; and the way we think about integration development is increasingly obsolete.”

Best wishes for 2013!