In case you want to locate tasks (that use standard business data) on the Task Engine to which the webMethods Integration Server is connected to, an invoke to built-in service “pub.task.taskclient:searchTasks” is used. On the other hand, when working with indexed business data fields service “pub.task.taskclient:searchTasksIndexed” is called.

From a past experience an invoke of service “pub.task.taskclient:searchTasks” resulted in a long running sql query on the related Database source. This eventually led to a “ Read timed out” scenario between Integration Server and Task Engine. A result set of 140 active tasks took more than 90 seconds to get returned causing the Integration Server per default to disconnect the ongoing Task Engine query after 60 seconds.

One option is to put on the Integration Server extended setting “WSClientConfig.SocketTimeout” in place and increase the timeout value (in milliseconds).
A better, more elegant and formal solution is to replace invoke “pub.task.taskclient:searchTasks” by  “pub.task.taskclient:searchTasksIndexed” and put boolean businessData to false. The replacement service will take advantage of the built-in index capabilities whereas “pub.task.taskclient:searchTasks” doesn’t.

When using service “pub.task.taskclient:searchTasksIndexed” instead of “pub.task.taskclient:searchTasks” a similar result set was returned in a couple of seconds instead of causing an operational problem for the integration.

Author: Johan