A new version of NServicebus ( V4.0 ) was released on July 11, 2013.  There are many changes in this release of NServiceBus. Too many to describe them all individually. You can find the full release notes on the following link.  Major highlights:Until V3.3, MSMQ was the main queuing system. With V4.0, a couple of new transports were introduced:

  • ActiveMQ
  • RabbitMQ
  • SQL Server ( for people that want to use database tables as queues )

Also, the RavenDB is embedded in the solution for this version.  Before this version 4, you had to install it seperately.

And now you can also try NServicebus online including some hand-on labs. Everything is pre-installed so can start directly!

With this version, NServicebus is now part of the Particular Software platform. A platform because along with NServiceBus, a couple of other products are made available as well.

ServiceMatrix is a modeling tool that allows you to design a solution on a high level of abstraction.You get an overview of the services you use, the contracts those services expose…

ServiceInsight allows you to manage your queues and endpoints, check your audit/error queues and get a full stacktrace to check what’s wrong.

There is also a 3rd product coming – ServicePulse – but this is in pre-beta (or should we say alpha?).

Author: Sven Van den brande