Dear webMethods users
We are pleased to announce that our code quality project has been added to the open source community and hereby available free of charge for all webMethods customers!

The project consists of a sonarqube plugin which allows sonarqube to analyse webMethods flow-code.

Sonarqube is a platform for continuous inspection of code quality. For more information, check the official website at Most language are supported out of the box, but for the xml based flow language some extra effort was needed.

The project is available on github at
At this moment, the plugin comes with 3 predefined rules: a savepipeline check, a disbaled code check and a try catch check. It’s also easy to develop your own custom checks.
We would like to encourage you to contribute your remarks or ideas. And share your own custom developed checks back to the project. You’ll find the required guides in the documentation of the github project.

Kind regards

Stefan De Wandeleir <>

Samuel Vandecasteele <>