When running a lot of assets or a small footprint, memory consumption becomes a problem. Luckily the webMethods IS logs the memory usage in the stats logs (for those that don’t have more advanced monitoring like jmx). However these log files contain the usage as hex values. This doesn’t make it easy for browsing through the logs.Excel can come in handy, but it is cumbersome to provide functions for conversion for every file you open. I remembered that their used to be a utility on wmusers to view the log files graphically and I was able to find the threadon the techcommunity…unfortunately without the source. I eventually did find the utilityon the site, but it just feels outdated. As this use case was fairly simple, I started looking around the web and found a great javascript library to create graphs, namely chart.js. After a few lines of code (thanks to HTML5) I already had my first view of some stats…great! After some tweaking I now have a quite stable tool to read stats files.

You can find the sources here. For now it only parses the memory and threads (on a scale to 1000), but you can easily extend it so hopefully it will come in handy for you.

Author: Stefan