At our latest Fast-track session the question was raised what EDA (even driven architecture) is and what it is used for. Luckily there is some documentation. Basically EDA is a set-up/methodology of how SAG sees you working with events on their platform. For that it provides several products with different functionalities. An overview:

 EDA Component SAG ComponentDescription
 Event BusUniversal Messaging
(or Broker)
 Service BusSAG NERVIntegration ServerEvent routing and transformationDeprecated as of 9.8Has built-in servicesCan do tranformations
 Event type repositoryEvent Type StoreCentrasiteRun-timeXML-schemasDesign-time/governance
 Event Type  development toolDesigner 
 CEP-EngineApama Correlator 
 CEP development toolApama Studio 
 Business Rules toolwebMethods Business Rules 
 Monitoring events  (patterns)webMethods Optimize Analytic Engine 
 Monitoring trafficEvent Bus ConsoleText-based
 Sample event  publishing toolEvent Generator 

Author: Stefan De Wandeleir