As I continue to spend lots of time on the road and in traffic jams, podcasts are an efficient way to keep up-to-date in the fast moving IT world. Just finished listening SE-Radio Episode 271: Idit Levine on Unikernels. Very interesting.

Had never heard of Unikernel. Actually this is hardly a real OS: no multi-tasking, no security, no memory management. Memory directly mapped to the underlying hardware and some device drivers.

Unikernels become most relevant when used on top of a virtualization layer. A single application is combined with the Unikernel to become a super light-weight runtime unit. A fine alternative for microservices running in a container.

Unikernels are also a nice fit with server-less architectures: the Unikernel App is super-fast to start. So Unikernel Apps as a more efficient Function-As-A-Service approach.

When mapping this to my own world of integration, the Unikernel App could be a nice mechanism to handle all the async events going on in an integration environment. An incoming message or API call starts the Unikernel App which handles the message: transformation, routing, logging, forwarding…

Incredible at which pace the IT world keeps moving.

Author: Guy