API Management is booming. The i8c team works with many API Management solutions. Personally I’m more involved with IBM’s API Connect and Google’s Apigee.

SAP’s API Management is an OEM version of Apigee. By subscribing to the free openSAP training “SAP Cloud Platform API Management“, I got triggered to actually put my hands on SAP’s API Management solution.

Although both products are fundamentally identical, they definitely look different, see screenshots below. But there are other differences as well:

  • SAP focuses (of course) on exposing SAP back-end systems and the use of OData and SAP Gateway
  • SAP comes with the concept of Templates, a number of preset policies that can be copied into an API proxy
  • SAP renamed Edge Management UI to API Portal
  • Apigee is also available on-premise with their Edge for Private Cloud, SAP API Mgt isn’t
  • SAP integrates with its API Business Hub
  • Apigee seems much cheaper: SAP charges €150 for 1 million API calls, Apigee charges $500 for 15 million API calls (per month, Sept 2018)

Looking forward to learn more about SAP’s API management during the free openSAP training. And also curious to see if SAP will go its own way yes or no. For now, they are still very similar on the inside but looking different on the outside.