i8c is a Google Cloud Premier Partner, together with other companies of the Cronos group (and Localyse). Within the Google offering, i8c likes to leverage the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with its Kubernetes, Istio, Google Pub/Sub and other. But primary focus of i8c is Apigee, the API Management solution of Google. i8c had its first certified Apigee consultant back in 2018, a first in Belgium.

One very nice reference is the Flemish Government where i8c architects take up the role of API Mgt Product Manager. The Apigee API Management platform is provided as a “platform service” to internal organisations. Each of these internal customers get their own tenant in which they can self develop, deploy and manage their API proxies. Our i8c architects have been assisting with guidelines, integration with Identity Providers, best practices etc. A few nice reference projects have been made public.

Some recent topics we have been working on are: custom role definitions, SAML integration, procedures for setup of machine users, A2A security based on Client Credentials with JWT and JWKS, setup of developer portal, automated maintenance of CA truststores etc.

Later in 2020, i8c will intensify its partnership with Google/Apigee, more news on that later. But in the meantime, we track the latest evolutions on the Apigee product, e.g. the integration of Apigee with Istio.

To wrap up: we are closely following up on the upcoming product Apigee Hybrid which will bring a multi-cloud, hybrid version of the Apigee product. Closely integrated with the other GCP components.