Apigee X is the latest product version of Google’s Apigee API Management platform. Adding a 4 product version next to Apigee Edge (SAAS), Apigee for Private Cloud and Apigee Hybrid. Apigee X is best described as a version of Apigee Hybrid that is (almost) fully managed by Google.

There is a free evaluation version available. One only needs a (free) Google Cloud account. The suggested way to get started with Apigee X is the Apigee Evaluation Setup. But if you want to experiment with API proxies that are publicly available, better use the apigee-ngsaas-trial-install.shscript.

Create a Google Cloud project and assign the Apigee Organization Admin role to yourself.

Then simply start the script. One attention point when using the Cloud Shell terminal: the script takes a long time to execute, causing your shell to close. I solved this by restarting the script after the organization was provisioned. Then opening the Apigee console.

Configured an API proxy “httpbin” pointing to http://httpbin.org/ for my project (apigee-x-2021 with LB IP And invoke the API proxy:

curl -k -v https://apigee-x-2021-eval.apigee.net/httpbin/uuid --resolve "apigee-x-2021-eval.apigee.net:443:" 

There are limited costs related to the use of this Apigee X eval. A number of objects are created by the script on GCP to expose the API proxies publicly. Estimated cost for these components is €0,07/hour. The Apigee X trial itself is of course free. 

  • 2 VM instance (apigee-envoy-xxxxx)
  • Instance group (apigee-envoy-europe-west1)
  • Instance template (apigee-envoy-europe-west1)
  • Forwarding rule (apigee-envoy-https-lb-rule)
  • Load balancer (apigee-envoy-proxy-map)
  • With backend (apigee-envoy-backend)
  • Target proxy (apigee-envoy-https-proxy)
  • SSL cert (apigee-ssl-cert)
  • Static IP address (lb-ipv4-vip-1)

Author: Guy Crets