Inspired by international women’s day, we wanted to know how the women in our own company feel about their position in the IT industry.

Unfortunately, we still see that the perception lives that the IT world is a man’s world and we wanted to give our female colleagues a platform to hopefully motivate other women to choose for a career in IT.

We are so pleased to hear that they believe those preconceptions many of us have are mostly invalid! We can see that women are definitely getting more and more interested in IT and we believe that, as a company in IT, we can participate in this movement by talking more about the job opportunities in IT in a gender neutral way and by giving women in IT a platform to talk about their experiences. This can be a great starting point to get more women to choose for an education in IT and it might even give some women the opportunity to start their career at i8c!

Curious to know how our very own female employee’s Ann, Nidhi and Hannelore feel about this topic? Watch the video and below get inspired!