Internship – Cloud Integration for an e-commerce enterprise

In this internship you’ll build cloud integrations for an e-commerce use case. You’ll use the latest technical innovations in the area of cloud development, event driven architectures and Integration.  The Integration platform builds on top of today’s leading cloud provider AWS (Amazon Web Services).


Your Role


The e-commerce company, our use case, consists of multiple business applications which together fulfil their customer needs. Their end customers interact via multiple channels, one of which is the Magento webshop to place orders. The core of the customer relation & marketing is centered around an industry standard Salesforce SaaS offering. An SAP system takes care of the order processes, and they centralized the product management in another separate microservice.

All these systems need to seamlessly work together to make sure that the business processes can be efficiently executed. It is the combination of these systems which provides the company’s added value. On top of that, evolving customer expectations requires the company that all the integrations are implemented in a realtime, and event-driven way.

Internship assignment

During this internship you’ll focus on following cross system flows:

  • Order placement and fulfilment, an end-customer can place an order via different channels (Magento and Salesforce)
  • Customer enrollment, all systems are updated with the latest information of new and existing customers.
  • Product Information synchronisation, product information is synchronized from a master application towards the webshops and other systems.

You’ll implement the integrations according to microservices and cloud integration best practises.

What you will learn

This internship will introduce you to a large set of emerging technologies in today’s IT market. You will get acquainted with the latest AWS based cloud technologies (Serverless stack: Lambda, EventBridge, … ) and major enterprise platforms (Salesforce, Magento, … ). It will also introduce you to Enterprise Integration and architectural patterns like Event-driven microservices. Programming will be done in Node.js, Typescript and/or JavaScript.

Who should apply?

  • You are a final year IT student who is not afraid of a challenge.
  • You are an analytic person who is proficient in abstract reasoning.
  • You are eager to learn new technologies and have an interest in cloud technologies.
  • You are able to work independently.
  • You have Java or JavaScript/Node.js knowledge.
  • You are able to use DevOps principles.

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