Internship – Full stack cloud native integration monitoring dashboard

Large enterprises are gradually moving towards public clouds to run their services and applications. These cloud offerings have enabled them to build more innovative and more real-time solutions for their customers.


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This shift has resulted in a hybrid IT environment where business critical applications are both running in on-premises data centers as in cloud offerings. One of the biggest challenges of today is enabling a seamless cooperation between these applications in a highly distributed IT environment.

Hybrid Integration Platforms (HIP) solve these cooperation challenges by providing infrastructure and framework components that allow developers to quickly build and deploy interfaces from ground to cloud and vice versa.

A challenge that remains is a solution to efficiently monitor these HIPs. The goal of this internship is to enhance the dashboard of i8c’s cloud native integration monitoring solution. This solution is based on open source components such as Java micro services, Kafka, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and Kibana, all running on top of Kubernetes. It collects, aggregates, indexes, visualizes and manages events generated by various interfaces running on distributed HIP instances.

Internship assignment

In this internship you’ll mainly build and test one or more React plugins for the Kibana dashboard, visualizing and consuming data from APIs exposed by the other components in i8c’s cloud native monitoring solution. Development of backend Java micro services will also be part of the assignment. The complete solution is containerized so that it can be deployed on Kubernetes.

Major Technologies

  • Elastic stack
    • Kibana: React/Angular based dashboard
    • Elastic: search engine and event store
  • MongoDB: data store
  • Kafka: even stream and real-time aggregation engine
  • Java: bespoke microservices
  • Kubernetes: docker container orchestration engine

Who should apply?

  • You are a student who’s not afraid of a challenge.
  • You are eager to learn new technologies.
  • You’re able to work independently.
  • You’re familiar with React or Angular development.
  • You have basic Java knowledge. 
  • You are able to use DevOps principles.

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