B2B market keeps moving

B2B market keeps moving

As mentioned in the blog post of Gartner analyst Benoit Lheureux, the market of B2B products keeps moving, e.g. the acquisition of Foresight by Tibco.

Interesting blog post as well on the SAP Developer Network: SAP will increase its stake in Crossgate and SAP sales people will (re-)sell the Crossgate B2B service offering.

Note: I always confuse Crossgate and Northgate. NorthgateArinso is a SAP oriented provider of HR IT services and acquired the Belgian company Arinso.

Authored by: Guy

Working at i8c

i8c is a system integrator that strives for an informal atmosphere between its employees, who have an average age of approx 30 years old. We invest a lot of effort in the professional development of each individual, through a direct connection between the consultants and the management (no multiple layers of middle management). We are based in Kontich, near Antwerp, but our customers are mainly located in the triangle Ghent-Antwerp-Brussels and belong to the top 500 companies in Belgium (Securex, Electrabel, UCB, etc…).

Quality Assurance

i8c is committed to delivering quality services and providing customer satisfaction. That’s why we invested in the introduction of a Quality Management System, which resulted in our ISO9001:2000 certification. This guarantees that we will meet your expectations, as a reliable, efficient and mature partner for your SOA & integration projects.

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