Tracking JDBC calls with DataDirect driver

Out of the box the DataDirect driver comes with the Spy tool capability, allowing to trace calls in running programs.  In this blog entry, we will explain the configuration of this DataDirect JDBC driver in combination with the webMethods Integration Server.

  • Using the webMethods IntegrationServer’s Administrator UI go to Settings > JDBC Pools
  • In Pool Alias Definitions select the Pool Alias for which you want to enable DataDirect Spy tracing. Make sure the Associated Driver Alias is of type DataDirect Connect JDBC Oracle Driver
  • Take the selected JDBC Connection Pool Alias Definition in edit
  • Append string ;SpyAttributes=(log=(file)<location-spy-trace-output-file>;logTName=yes;timestamp=yes) to the Database URL.

o   Replace <location-spy-trace-output-file> with the location and filename of preference were the spy logging should be redirected to.             o   DataDirect Spy Attributes §  logTName={yes | no} Specifies whether DataDirect Spy logs the name of the current thread.When set to no (the initial default), DataDirect Spy does not log the name of the current thread. §  timestamp={yes | no} Specifies whether a timestamp should be included on each line of the DataDirect Spy log.When set to no (the initial default), DataDirect Spy does not include a timestamp on each line.More DataDirect Spy Attributes are available and can be found in the appropriate DataDirect reference documentation

  • Save your changes and restart the webMethods IntegrationServer before updated settings take effect.

Example Database URL:


Example Spy trace:

spy(Thread-112)(2011/07/15 12:59:10.413)>> Connection[3].prepareStatement(String sql)
spy(Thread-112)(2011/07/15 12:59:10.414)>> sql = SELECT EXCL_LOCK_ID, TARGET_ID, LOCK_HOLDER, LOCK_TYPE,
spy(Thread-112)(2011/07/15 12:59:10.414)>> OK (PreparedStatement[3])

spy(Thread-112)(2011/07/15 12:59:10.414)>> PreparedStatement[3].setLong(int

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