Installation of packages on Integration Server through custom developed java program

Installation of packages on Integration Server through custom developed java program

Out of the box a package can be installed on webMethods Integration Server via the Administrator’s Package Management GUI or using WmDeployer.

Following code snippet with allow you to install packages on a webMethods Integration Server through the usage of a custom developed java program, leveraging the internal wM codebase for introducing a package.

Java code snippet :


  1. When compiling and running the java program make sure to include files wm-isclient.jar and mail.jar in your class path. File wm-isclient.jar can found in the “common/lib” folder of an Integration Server whereas file mail.jar is localized in the “ext” sub folder of the “common/lib” folder.
  2.  Usage of the PackageInstaller program is PackageInstaller host:<hostname> port:<port> user:<username> pswd:<password> pckg:<package1>,<package2>,…
    The .zip extension for package names should be omitted
  3.  At this moment the java program is working with at least webMethods Integration Server v7.1.2. Specifications contained herein are potentially subject to change so use them at your own risk.

Author: Johan De Wulf

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