BizTalk Services Mapper – WCF SQL Select Query – Cumulative Concatenate

Say you want to create a map in order to produce the SELECT statement for a WCF-SQL query and you start of with a list of values to include in the where clause.

How to achieve this with the BizTalk Services mapper?

The Source XML:

The Destination XML:

First, how could we do this within XSLT?

This can be done with the following XSLT:

The result of the above will be:

Finally, how to achieve the same thing with the mapper:

What did we do?

First of all we need a list and the list will contain the list of expressions based on the column name and values:

For this we use the new “Create List” functoid:

include the “ForEach Loop” functoid – in order to loop the “Column” records -:

use a “String Concatenate” in combination with the “Add Item to List” functoid to produce the above list:

Now that we have the list, how to produce the query statement? “Cumulative Concatenate” comes to the rescue:

Since the “Query” element in the destination schema is optional, I also included a “Conditional Assignment” functoid to only map the query in case we have columns on the input.
I also used the “Cumulative Count” functoid to count the number of items in the list and used the “Logical Expression” functoid to check if the value is greater than 0:

Based on that result we will create the “Query” element or not, but first we need to prefix the query with the “where” word using the “String Concatenate” functoid:


The thing to remember here is to include a “ForEach” in the “Create List”…




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