Fixing HTTP redirect for ARIS 9.5 Design Server after an IP address change

Fixing HTTP redirect for ARIS 9.5 Design Server after an IP address change

I recently moved a Windows Server 2012 virtual machine running ARIS 9.5 Design Server, from my laptop running VMWare Workstation to a VMWare ESX 5.5 host. My Windows Server 2012 VM has one single network adapter and changing the VM host implied that the IP address of the VM had to be changed because the VM hosts were running in different netwerk segements (my Windows Server 2012 network connection had DHCP enabled, so the IP address changed automatically actually).

After moving my VM, I was able to start ARIS Design Server without a problem, but to my surprise, my browser was redirected to my old IP address every time I tried to connect to the ARIS Design server at default port 5480, even when I used the new IP address of my server or “localhost” as hostname. Turns out that the old IP address was still used by the load balancer component in ARIS Design Server. To fix this problem, you have to update the “httpd.conf” configuration file in the folder <ARIS install root>serverbinworkwork_loadbalancer_mhttpdconf. Look for the “ServerName”,  “RewriteCond” and “RewriteRule” parameters and update them with the new IP address. After restarting the ARIS Design Server, the redirect in my browser worked correctly.

Author: Kristof Lievens

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