Software AG Optimize component, The analytic Overview and KPI Summary

Optimize is the Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) component of webMethods. BAM enables you to analyze real time business metrics information, including system performance , the volume of the business activity and its responsiveness, serious errors that may have occurred, and other key performance indicators (KPI’s).

Software AG delivers two components for the monitoring.
Optimize for infrastructure that enables real time monitoring, its enables you to monitor overall satus of your systems or individual objects.

Optimize for Process enables you to monitor your business processes. You can define KPI’s for your business and let them be checked using optimize for process.

The analytic Overview and KPI Summary

In the analytic overview you can view all the configured “Monitored components”. The screenshot below represents a small portion of the monitored components referring to the integration server.

It does not only shows the list of the components that are being monitored, but it also shows KPI violations (red circle), statistically abnormal components (yellow triangle) and normal working components (green square).

We can see that one the monitored servers is violating the KPI for “NumCompletedRequests by Integration Server”.

If you want to get a closer look why and when a KPI has been violated you can zoom in on the server using the graph icon.

The KPI Summary shows more detail about this specific monitored component and its KPI. The KPI “Processing time > 2 sec” is being violated on server aacc02

When we get a closer look we can see a list of moments when he had those problems.
Now you can see when the KPI has been violated and try to solve this problem..
Keep in mind that the two represented graphs have another value for the Y axis.
The red line has more than 8 million requests against 3.5 million request for the blue one

We can see that there are problems with that one server. When we take a closer look at the server in the following screenshot where I selected several KPI’s from that server. We can easily see that the ARTConnections and the number of completed requests go hand in hand.
You can also see that the requests are highly volatile in the current statistics, you can even pinpoint when it happens.
This kind of information can help you to maintain your server and to keep your server on track.

As you can see the analytic Overview and KPI Summary can be of great use in you monitoring and to react before there are bigger problems.
One of the questions we should address in this case is why there are such big peaks in the service usage. So we can be better prepared when this happens. Not only for your system, but also for the systems you connect to.
Be prepared for tomorrow.

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