NULL adapter on BizTalk

NULL adapter on BizTalk

In this short tutorial I will explain how to install a NULL adapter on BizTalk 2010 (64-bit platform with Windows 7).

Note: BizTalk 2010 is the predecessor of BizTalk 2013 and 2013R2, but is still quite popular and used in companies. It’s good to be aware that its mainstream support end in one year from now (December 1st, 2016).

Having a NULL adapter is fairly useless, unless you want to get rid of messages, without leaving an error trace in the event log, saying “The published message could not be routed because no subscribers were found”.

  1. Download the sample adapter from Winterdom (Created in 2004 and still works fine).
  2. Edit the NullAdapter.reg in Notepad
  3. Change the path of the .dll to the correct one. You need to do this two times in the file.

To the correct path. In our case it’s “C:\Users\i8c\Downloads\NullAdapterSol\NullAdapter\bin\Debug\Winterdom.BizTalk.Adapters.NullAdapter.dll”

The .dll can be found in “NullAdapterSol\NullAdapter\bin\Debug”

  1. Save and close the reg-file.
  2. Double click the reg-file
  3. Open up a Command Prompt as an admin.
    • Cd \Windows\SysWOW64
    • C:\Users\i8c\Downloads\NullAdapterSol\NullAdapter\ reg
    • Cd C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319
    • exe C:\Users\i8c\Downloads\NullAdapterSol\NullAdapter\bin\Debug


  • exe C:\Users\i8c\Downloads\NullAdapterSol\NullAdapter\bin\Debug\Winterdom.BizTalk.Adapters.NullAdapter.dll
  1. Open “BizTalk Server Administration Console”
  1. Click BizTalk Group -> “Platform Settings” -> Right click “Adapters” -> “New”
  1. Enter “NULL” as the name and select “/dev/null” as the adapter.
  1. You are done!

Note: By default, when double clicking a registry file, it will be added to the registry. But for BizTalk, it is added to the wrong registry. Therefore we need to open a command prompt as we did in step 6, and add this file to the 32-bit registry using the regedit.exe, which represents step 6.1.

Author: Jordy Maes

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