Seamless Integration: Rodrigo’s Belgian Journey in IT!

Meet Rodrigo, our integration expert with a foreign background! Rodrigo recently made the bold decision to move all the way from Portugal to Belgium to work with us. Join us as we delve into his experiences, motivations, and aspirations for his new role as an Integration Expert at i8c Belgium.

Rodrigo had been working in Integration in Portugal for several years. He actually stumbled into working in integration by chance, but quickly discovered its fascinating aspects. He was intrigued by the interesting concepts and challenges it presents and has now been working in integration for 5 years! 

“I visited Antwerp once and actually said out loud that one day, I'd come back to live here!”

With a desire to gain international experience, Rodrigo began searching for opportunities abroad. Unexpectedly, he was given a unique chance to work with a Belgian company since his current employer is one of our close partnersRodrigo had previously visited Belgium when his girlfriend was on an exchange program in Antwerp, leaving him with a dream of living here one day. 

It seems like dreams do come true because just a few months after the offer, he set foot in Belgium, this time not for a quick visit but for his big move! With an open mind and adventurous spirit, Rodrigo embraced this unique opportunity to dive into the world of integration with our i8c community.

Joining the i8c Community

Before the big move, Rodrigo already had the opportunity to come to Belgium for some short visits to participate in the CBX Hackathon, a FastTrack R&D day and he even took part in the i8c Academy. During these days he got to know some of his new colleagues and experienced the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the community. When he officially joined i8c, a couple of weeks ago, he received a warm welcome and thorough onboarding from his colleagues.

“I guess the team really wanted to show me how they combine work and fun here because when I came over for the FastTrack day I could join the team on an Archery activity and after the Hackathon some colleagues asked me to join them to go bowling and karting! Let’s say my introduction was a very fun one!” – Rodrigo

Although Rodrigo clearly fits right into the team and loves to work together with his team members. Our remote working culture allows him to work from the office or his apartment in Mortsel (right next to his beloved Antwerp) as needed, providing him the flexibility to focus on his current project.

Switching up more than just countries...

Upon arriving in Belgium, Rodrigo attended the i8c Academy to learn about a new technology. Back in Portugal, he worked with MuleSoft, but now he’s taking his first steps with WebMethods. He just obtained no less than 2 webMethods certificates! The most exciting part is that he can apply this new knowledge directly to his first project.

“During the Academy, I discovered various security topics that were either completely new to me or required more experience and practice, which proved to be an interesting learning experience. Additionally, refreshing the best practices in integration was a nice touch!” – Rodrigo

Rodrigo got involved in the project he’ll be working on in Belgium a week before his move. He participated in all the morning meetings and was granted access to start familiarizing himself with the project’s architecture. Now, he’s fully immersed and ready to start the development process. Looking ahead, Rodrigo’s main goals for his time at i8c include building relationships within the team and the company, making valuable contributions to projects, and embracing the diverse learning opportunities that lie ahead. 

Let's grow together!

Rodrigo’s journey to Belgium and integration with i8c has been an exciting adventure filled with new experiences, professional growth, and personal development. We look forward to witnessing his success and the meaningful contributions he will make during his time with us.

Want to become a part of our community too?

At i8c, we believe in fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for our team members, empowering them to excel in their roles and achieve their goals. Rodrigo’s story is just one example of the inspiring individuals that make our team so special.

If you’re interested in working with a dynamic and innovative IT company, feel free to reach out to us for more information on our services and career opportunities. We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team and make a difference in the world of integration!



Curious to know more about working at i8c? ​

Working at i8c

i8c is a system integrator that strives for an informal atmosphere between its employees, who have an average age of approx 30 years old. We invest a lot of effort in the professional development of each individual, through a direct connection between the consultants and the management (no multiple layers of middle management). We are based in Kontich, near Antwerp, but our customers are mainly located in the triangle Ghent-Antwerp-Brussels and belong to the top 500 companies in Belgium (Securex, Electrabel, UCB, etc…).

Quality Assurance

i8c is committed to delivering quality services and providing customer satisfaction. That’s why we invested in the introduction of a Quality Management System, which resulted in our ISO9001:2000 certification. This guarantees that we will meet your expectations, as a reliable, efficient and mature partner for your SOA & integration projects.

i8c - ISO9001-2015

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