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Eclipse IDE Automated Setup in Vagrant

Find out how to automatically set up a Java development environment for Eclipse IDE using Vagrant.
Vagrant is a tool used to create virtual machines for use in VirtualBox, VMWare, HperV and more.
Eclipse is a common IDE for Java development (and other many other languages).

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Apigee API Mgt ~ SAP API Mgt

API Management is booming. The i8c team works with many API Management solutions. Personally I’m more involved with IBM’s API Connect and Google’s Apigee. SAP’s API Management is an OEM version of Apigee. By subscribing to the free openSAP training “SAP Cloud Platform API Management“, I got triggered to actually put my

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Mashape Kong LDAP Compatibility

After upgrading Kong, testing showed up to approximate 5x improvement in our set-up, but the upgrade from 9 to 11 is not entirely straightforward as some important differences between the two are likely to have an impact, especially when using the LDAP plugin.

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Getting started with Apama Queries and DES

In this blog I’ll describe a simple example to get you started with Apama queries and the Digital Event Service (DES). Two technologies within the SoftwareAG webMethods analytics Suite. Following components were used in the setup (on version 10.0): Apama Universal Messaging (UM) webMethods Integration

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webMethods Integration Agent on AWS container service

Today I entered the Amazon ECS space and combined it with some new features of webMethods 10.0. In this post I’ll discuss: Creating a webMethods Integration Agent docker image Uploading the image to the Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR) Running a basic Amazon EC2 Container

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