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Client authentication with rotating keys on Google Apigee

Introduction API Security is a top concern. Not only the part where end users are authenticated and authorized, but also the part where applications underneath get authenticated and authorized. In the world of end-users, passwords are considered too weak and complemented with a 2nd factor.

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Multi-cloud Event Mesh using Apache Pulsar

Introduction Large enterprises typically have a myriad of business-critical applications that are running in both private data centers and public clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. One of the biggest challenges of today is enabling seamless connectivity between these applications in a

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Cloud Integration for an e-commerce enterprise

This internship is provided by i8c Cloud Native. The competence center which helps businesses and governments adopt cloud native technologies in their integration architectures. Introduction In this internship you’ll build cloud integrations for an e-commerce use case. You’ll use the latest technical innovations in the

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