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Challenging internships and thesis subjects provided by i8c specialists

i8c is the leading Belgian consultancy in Enterprise Integration. We make sure that all applications, services & processes are working seamlessly together to fulfil our clients overall business. This results in a broad spectrum of technologies that we use on daily basis. We integrate using microservices architectures. We combine public clouds, on-premise environments and IoT edge devices. We develop using languages like Java, .NET CoreNode.js and integration specific DSLs. We use both open source and proprietary software like Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, knative, AWS Lambda, Azure Logic Apps, … 

Projects always incorporate established and emerging technologies which are relevant for both the overall i8c Community and for our clients. Which not only results in an engaging project but also gives you a head start in your career. Note that most topics below are possible as both a thesis subject or as an internship.


An internship at i8c will consist of a hands-on project with integration technologies relevant for our clients. You’ll work at one of our offices in Ghent, Kontich or Mechelen. You’ll have a dedicated senior mentor who will introduce to our field and assist you during your assignment. 


thesis subject has an emphasis on researching integration related topics. You’ll look into how new technologies are impacting current integration patterns and architectures. You’ll have a dedicated senior architect who will guide you during your assignment. 

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The world of IT and especially enterprise integration is changing rapidly. Today we need to integrate IoT platforms, blockchains, Event-driven SaaS, Serverless platforms, existing and new business applications etc.  And this with hybrid integration platforms, iPaaS and Cloud Native architectures. So we did not list all the possible subjects relevant for our integration community. If you did not find the topic you were looking for or want to pitch your own idea? 

Apply below and let’s see whats possible during a chat with one of our integration specialists. 

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