Why choose perm?

At i8c you choose to collaborate on different challenging projects at high-end customers.
In addition to the right project, you will find a passionate group of specialists at i8c. i8c is more than integration, it’s about people.

Great colleagues, great support

i8c exists out of a group of more than 80 consultants, each active within a specific competence center.
i8c focuses on training. Choosing i8c is choosing permanent learning. Sharing knowledge = multiply impact! The internal competence centers are our laboratories for sharing knowledge in the latest technologies. i8c has a lot of expertise in house.
Training and certification is a must! We will train you to become a fully fledged expert in your field. Based on your strengths and interests, we draw up a training plan together to realize your objectives.

Conferences and events

Keep up with the technological evolutions! Check in and get inspired during external conferences and events that matter.
i8c is much more than just integration. Consultancy also stands for a pleasant atmosphere. Get to know your colleagues better through events such as our monthly FastTrack knowledge sharing evening sessions, our yearly hackathon, annual family day, social team events and gaming nights.

Our procedure consists of 3 steps:.


During this face-to-face introduction, we try to get the best possible first impression of your experiences, your personality and the motivation to work as a consultant. We listen to your interests and ambitions and tell you more about i8c. We go over a number of projects and see what possibilities there are for you. We reflect on our values and company culture, how we are organized, but also what we expect from you.

Second step

One of our specialists will perform an in depth technical screening. Getting an accurate picture of your abilities is crucial if we want to support you in the evolution of your career. However, it will not be a one-way conversation. As a consultant at i8c, our specialist will also tell you what it is like working at i8c.



If the previous steps were successful, a contract proposal will be discussed with you in person and we will make the cooperation concrete.

“Our consultants are our most valuable asset. We offer them every opportunity to share ideas, learn and grow."

Kristof Lievens
Managing Partner

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