belgian payroll company

Belgian Payroll Company

Enterprise Integration Platform – Case Study of one of our Belgian payroll administration agency customers.

Huge amounts of sensitive data are involved in providing personnel and payroll administration services. To move this data seamlessly between the different parties and systems involved, the consultants of i8c build and maintain a the Software AG webMethods integration platform in between, to ensure that business processes are securely automated and monitored in real time.

Belgian Payroll Company
Human Resources
Huge amounts of sensitive data are involved in providing personnel and payroll administration services.
API management Enterprise Integration Platform

Project Details

Some examples of processes that have been automated:

  • The automatic processing of time registrations through different channels
  • Calculate the wages of each employee and ensure that the wage slips can be consulted on different applications
  • Automating bank payments and direct debits
  • Payments via the Isabel financial platform
  • Automatically calculate the transfer of the NSSO contribution to the government
  • All communication with RSVZ such as pensions, industrial accidents, …
  • Automatic ordering of e-meal vouchers to the various suppliers
  • Electronic Belcotax declaration
  • Processing annual VAT returns and sending out e-mails
  • Zoomit and Doccle integration
  • Synchronization of data between several internal applications / databases / mainframe
  • Automatically passing changes of employment contracts and / or articles of association of the employee and automatically processing them:
  • Dimona Request: customer informs The HR partner of a “change in employment contract” or indicate a new employment
  • WECH: Social Risk Declaration Unemployment
  • ZIMA: Social Risk Declaration
  • TWCT: Social Risk declaration Technical unemployment
  • DEFI: Application for technical unemployment
  • Declarations to
  • Medical checks
  • Requests and reports of medical checks.
  • Notification to a check-up doctor via SMS or email

These processes require that data is automatically, reliably and safely distributed among all systems and partners. This is achieved by deploying a Hybrid Integration Platform that translates, encrypts and buffers all data as messages. A Business Activity Monitoring & Alerting framework ensures the correct daily operation of the platform.

Tools & Technologies

Software AG, webMethods (Integration Server, Broker)
Custom Java Code