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WS-Security mustUnderstand in webmethods

WS-Security mustUnderstand Environment: webmethods 8.0.1 Problem A client has asked us to enable ws-security when using a particular webservice he exposes (webmethods policy “Consumer policy for Username”). However when we call his webservice with the appropriate message level authentication, we receive the following soap fault:

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Changing variables during runtime (BizTalk 2010)

For one of our customers I had to come up with a solution for the changing variables and different environment parameters. For the changing send/receive location we use Deployment Framework for BizTalk, but there are some parameters that cannot be changed during runtime. One of

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Common error when connecting to IBM Websphere MQ from ASP.NET

PROBLEM When connecting to an IBM WebSphere MQ queue using the WebSPhere MQ classes for .NET from within an ASP.NET application, you might run into the following error:General Exception: The type initializer for ‘IBM.WMQ.MQQueueManager’ threw an exception.When investigating the error a bit further we find the following error in

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Test Driven Development on Oracle Service Bus

As a Java developer I have learned to appreciate Test Driven Development (TDD). It helps you to deliver quality software solutions and it gives you confidence when you make changes later on. Your test code will help you to make sure that no regression arises

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Microsoft Installer Custom Actions User Impersonation

Problem When creating an installer with custom actions you might run into some security issues when executing it on a Windows Vista/7/2008 or later OS.This is because custom actions will be executed in the context of the user running the Windows Installer Service being the

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Software AG Roadmap status update Q1 2012

Me and my colleagues attended the Software AG (SAG) Partner Update event in Brussels a couple of weeks ago and learned about some interesting new tools and features that are coming up. In this blog post I’ll try to give a short overview of what

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