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Datapower mutual authentication SSL/TLS debugger

When implementing mutual TLS 1.2 for some services on DataPower, we came to the conclusion that most developers have quite some issues with implementing it, more specifically using the wrong certificates and/or using the wrong version of SSL/TLS or cipher. So as a solution I came

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NULL adapter on BizTalk

In this short tutorial I will explain how to install a NULL adapter on BizTalk 2010 (64-bit platform with Windows 7). Note: BizTalk 2010 is the predecessor of BizTalk 2013 and 2013R2, but is still quite popular and used in companies. It’s good to be aware that its

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WAMC is dead – Long Live AMC

Since 24 August 2015 WAMC (WebSphere Appliance Management Center) has the ‘withdrawn’ status.  This left the people who used WAMC as centralized system to manage their DataPower instances in the cold.  IBM came with a solution named … AMC (Appliance Management Center) which is basically WAMC but

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How to export an EBS based Linux VM from AWS EC2

Exporting an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance that is making use of Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) data volumes is not possible using the standard AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) command “ec2-create-instance-export-task”. The limitations are described a the bottom of this page. As

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IBM Cast Iron: Prefer Batch over Looping

Cast Iron is the product that serves as the cloud adapter in the IBM middleware ecosystem.In the following examples we will  take a look  at the TIPs (provided in the database provided by IBM) and how these examples can be modified to use batch processing resulting

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Performance Issues

Recently I was asked to look at an interface which had some serious performance issues. The interface was responsible for downloading tasks (and sub-tasks) into the database, and was taking around 35 minutes to complete: The setup was as follows: The database call was split

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