i8c provided talk at the conference

Serverless is changing the way we architect our cloud environments. It leverages all the advantages of the cloud without the operational overhead. By gradually moving towards more Serverless paradigms, big steps can be taken in offering more reliable, scalable and cost-efficient IT services.

With FaaS (function as a service), cloud-native messaging and serverless API management the mayor building blocks for a new generation of enterprise integration architectures are available, making integration use cases ideal candidates as early adopters for this serverless movement.

In this session, we go deeper into how serverless is changing the integration landscape. We’ll cover serverless integration Architectures. We investigate the ecosystem of available tools and frameworks, cover best practices and answer questions like:

“Are the famous enterprise integration patterns still relevant? Will FaaS replace my ESB? How to choose between iPaaS and FaaS? How do different public vendors and ecosystems relate to one another?”

19 Aug 2020
All day
The Hague Marriott Hotel Johan De Wittlaan 30, 2517 JR The Hague Netherlands

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