Cloud Native

i8c Cloud Native competence center

Cloud Native

i8c Cloud Native helps businesses and governments adopt cloud native technologies in their integration architectures. This by combining an extensive background in Enterprise Integration and cloud native skills.

A new generation of cloud technologies is ready to support more reliable, more scalable and more cost-efficient integration platforms. 

We design and implement these new iterations of Application IntegrationB2B integration, API Management, and Event broker platforms.

Combining Enterprise Integration know-how and Cloud Native skills


Our architects design cloud native integration architectures that meets the needs of interconnected enterprises.

They master the emerging cloud integration technologies like Event brokers, serverless API Management, FaaS, and micro-integration frameworks. And can translate event-driven and microservices principles to your enterprise integration use cases.

AWS Integration

In an IT landscape where AWS is playing a prominent role big benefits can be retrieved by investing in the clouds serverless offerings for Integration use case.

We combine services like EventBridge, Lambda, API Gateway, Kinesis, ... to build out event driven Enterprise Integration capabilities.

Kubernetes Integration

Leveraging the Kubernetes open source approach for serverless and event-driven architectures enables portable integrations for both Cloud and on-premise environments.

We help you navigate the Kubernetes and Openshift ecosystem and implement integrations using technologies like Camel-K, Knative, Apache Pulsar, Kafka and Ballerina.

Azure Integration

Microsofts Azure offers a complete set of Integration capabilities. Together with our affiliate Integration.Team we help you successfully implement Azure serverless integration architectures.

Vendor Independent

i8c Cloud Native does this in a vendor independent approach. We provide the know-how to combine enterprise integration use cases with Kubernetes and Openshift based, AWS Serverless based or Azure IT landscapes. This way we make sure to provide the solution that truly fits the client’s environment.

I8C Community

We nurture an open community between integration passioned professionals, customers and consultants.

By sharing knowledge on changing technologies, integration patterns and the current challenges at hand, we believe we can further support the ever-changing needs for enterprise ready integration platforms.

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