Hack the future - Fellowship of code

An epic online event on 24 November 2020

One night a young IT student ventured too far… Lost in the darkest corners of the digital realm, he stumbled upon “the code”. Entranced by its power he clicked ‘execute’. And in his ignorance, awakened an ancient evil.

IT enthousiasts from all corners of the world – Unite! We must defend our digital realm from the Witch of Shadows and her Army of Darkness. Together they desire only one thing – To destroy every single website and shroud the entire internet in an everlasting 404. We must act now, the enemy is ready, her full strength gathered. Foul viruses enhanced by twisted sorcery are spreading our way.

Fellowship of Code – This evil must be stopped. The code must be destroyed. Join us and play your part in the greatest battle of the digital age.

We need your help to save our precious digital realm! i8c is looking for students that can handle our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud challenge! Are you up for IT? 

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Kristof Lievens

Managing Partner


Cloud Integration Architect


Human Resources Officer

Help us modernize ESBs into the cloud - Hackathon challenge

ACT 1 of the challenge

We must build a system to pinpoint these hotspots in real-time. And we must do it fast. So the Fellowship is notified of new flare-ups immediately. Enabling them to act fast and minimize the damage of the code. Create this system that tracks the hardest hit platforms, namely Twitter and Reddit. And make sure the Fellowship is alerted on their slack channel.

ACT 2 of the challenge

Bad news … The code started an offensive against our direct communication platforms. The Fellowship can’t protect them all. Predictions show that Slack will fall first. But our other systems, namely WhatsApp, text message, phone calls and MS Teams, aren’t safe either. You must extend the alerting system as redundant as possible. Add integrations with as many as possible direct communication methods. Fellowship fighters must be able to configure one and only one preferred channel. You will need to program the different components of an event-driven alerting system. Integrating multiple real-time data sources and different SaaS services. You will get acquainted with cloud technologies like FaaS and messaging services. Get introduced into middleware software required to build resilient, real-time Enterprise integration architectures.


Decent programming skills. Some insights in software architecture is a plus. Experience using AWS services like Lambda or DynamoDb will be handy but isn’t a requirement.
Terminal, Visual Code Studio, Browser, AWS CLI

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An internship at i8c will consist of a hands-on project with integration technologies relevant for our clients. You’ll work at one of our offices in Ghent, Kontich or Mechelen. You’ll have a dedicated senior mentor who will introduce to our field and assist you during your assignment. 


thesis subject has an emphasis on researching integration related topics. You’ll look into how new technologies are impacting current integration patterns and architectures. You’ll have a dedicated senior architect who will guide you during your assignment.