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Cloud Native integration using Knative and Camel K


Large enterprises are gradually moving towards public clouds to run their services and applications. These cloud offerings have enabled them to build more innovative and more real-time solutions for their customers. 

This shift has resulted in a hybrid IT environment where business critical applications are both running in on-premises data centers as in cloud offerings. One of the biggest challenges of today is enabling a seamless cooperation between these applications in a highly distributed IT environment. 

This internship aims to use the latest iteration of open source cloud technologies to solve these challenges. 

Internship assignment

In this internship you’ll develop a set of integration scenarios between AWS (Amazon Web Services) public cloud and an on-premise environment. The on-premise services are mainly using a JMS messaging broker for Application-to-application integration and the AWS services are using Cloud Native messaging services like SQS, Kinesis and EventBridge. 

You’ll develop these integrations using a Knative environment. It’s the Kubernetes-based platform for serverless workloads recently introduced by Google. You’ll also use the “Camel K” project which is the latest innovation from Red Hat. It’s a framework specifically designed for microservices and serverless integrations. 

Cloud native integration using Knative and Camel K 1

This internship will introduce you to large set of emerging technologies which are becoming more and more relevant in today’s IT market. You’ll familiarize yourself with technologies from both the Kubernetes community as from the Cloud Native communities. And it will introduce you to Enterprise Integration and innovative architectural patterns like Event-driven microservices.


  • You’ll setup a Kubernetes and Knative environment using a Container as a service platform.
  • You’ll research the event-driven programming model
  • You’ll research common message-based integration patterns and the Camel K project
  • You’ll research relevant message standards like CloudEvents.
  • You’ll connect an on-premises JMS broker (Apache ActiveMQ) to the knative environment.
  • You’ll connect two AWS Cloud Native messaging services to the knative environment.
  • [optional] You’ll plug-in the I8C integration monitoring tooling into your integrations

Who should apply?

  • You are a student who’s not afraid of a challenge.
  • You are eager to learn new technologies.
  • You’re able to work independently.
  • You have basic Java knowledge. 
  • You are able to use DevOps principles.

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