Seamlessly Integrate Gravitee API Documentation with GitHub

With, it is possible to retrieve multiple API documents from Bitbucket or Git (Git/GitHub/GitLab) and publish them to the portal. Once configured, every change made on the documentation in version control can be automatically pushed to the Gravitee Portal. With the help of the Gravitee descriptor file, it is possible to publish the pages on the Portal in a structured way: you can set one of the pages as the homepage and work with folders to maintain clean Documentation pages for your API’s.

Seamless integration: Rodrigos Belgian journey

Meet Rodrigo, our integration expert with a foreign background! Rodrigo recently made the bold decision to move all the way from Portugal to Belgium to work with us. Join us as we delve into his experiences, motivations, and aspirations for his new role as an Integration Expert at i8c Belgium.

Meet our integration specialist: Alexandra

Alexandra worked in tech for 15 years before joining i8c. With lots of experience in API management and Java development, we’re thrilled to add yet another expert to our i8c community! It’s pretty clear why we want to work with Alexandra, so let’s take a moment to discover why Alexandra chose to join our community…

Comparing azure ARM and AWS cloudformation

Since I’ve started working in the cloud 8 months ago, I’ve begun implementing services using the infrastructure as code (IaC) methodology. My time has been equally divided between the AWS and Azure cloud. Because of this, I’ve used the provisioning tools that were created specifically for these environments: AWS CloudFormation and ARM (Azure Resource Manager).

Integrating using the new API destinations of Amazon eventbridge

Amazon EventBridge is the central event bus in your AWS-based environment. A comprehensive integration messaging service that includes error handling, filtering, content-based routing, replay functionality, event schemas, and OTB SaaS integration capabilities. This in form of a developer-friendly integration service ingested with iPaaS capabilities.

Integrating with Tibco cloud

Our experts Glenn, Jason, Jurgen, and Kevin dedicated an i8c FastTrack Day to examining the TIBCO iPaaS offering. Check out their Research & Development day report to learn what they uncovered. ?

Salesforce Magento integration in AWS

In this blog we will try to detail how we integrated Magento and Salesforce using AWS technology centered around MSK. Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) is a fully managed, highly available service that uses Apache Kafka to process real-time streaming data.

Gravitee and kafka

Gravitee is one of the first API Management platforms to not only support synchronous REST API’s, asynchronous API’s, but also has a native integration with event brokers such as kafka and MQTT. In this blog we will dive into the integration between Gravitee and Kafka and create a simple API that acts as an interface for a Kafka topic.

Exploring Istio

Welcome to this blog about Istio, the industry standard when it comes to a service mesh. In today’s world of microservices and containerized applications, managing traffic, implementing security, and observing your applications can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s where Istio comes to the rescue.