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Step into a community where mastering a wide range of integration technologies is fueled by the power of connected knowledge.

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Driven by quality, pragmatism, and technological curiosity, we empower you to connect the dots of your integration career.
Without integration’s power, many organizations wouldn’t be where they are today. Ready to join us in revolutionizing the world around us, together?

Beyond regular knowledge-sharing events, team gatherings and shared passions, the integration magic unfolds when projects align with customized training and dedicated follow-up. Inspired consultants aren’t just happy—they’re exceptional!

We cover a broad spectrum of integration technologies, giving you the freedom to explore various technology stacks. You determine which technologies have captured your integration heart and where to expand your knowledge.

We’re dedicated to matching projects with your knowledge, ambitions, and personality. Why? We are here to empower both you and our clients with a unique, tailored approach.
They listen intently and go above and beyond to create a positive workplace. With options for personal growth, leadership training, and technical skill development, they encourage us to keep evolving.

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Having been certified as a “Great Place to Work” and “Best Workplace 2023,” we’re filled with pride. This recognition drives our commitment to provide our community with the best possible workplace. A place where they can excel, feel at home, and be genuinely appreciated for who they are.

Build bridges as an intern

Want to get a taste of a career in integration? Our community of integration experts is eager to stand by your side as you take your first steps.

An internship at i8c offers hands-on experience with integration technologies. Take a knowledge deep-dive into public clouds, microservices, programming languages, and much more. Meanwhile, you’ll be taking your first steps towards becoming an enterprise integration specialist.