Building bridges

How we tap into your integration challenges.


Our consulting services identify the optimal integration platform components and architectural blueprints. With a vendor-independent approach, we build and implement your enterprise connectivity requirements, all using a high-quality, pragmatic, and no-nonsense delivery method.


Managed Services

Once your integrations are operational, we offer robust 24/7 support for your connectivity Platform, encompassing corrective, preventive and adaptive maintenance. Whether you need full outsourcing or specialized support for your organization’s backbone, our team is always ready to assist!



The world of Enterprise Integration is rapidly evolving, making it vital to stay up to date. A challenge we embrace both for our community and our partners. Join the i8c academy and immerse yourself in the captivating field of integration patterns, architecture & technologies!

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The sense of community captivated me from the start. I’m genuinely inspired by our group’s passion for innovation and technological exploration!

Integration Specialist

How we work


We provide an external eye on your environments. By defining modernization roadmaps, we inject best practices and assist in structuring your integration platforms and tools.


From platform selection and bootstrapping the integration middleware to implementing essential integration flows, we’ve got you covered in your enterprise connectivity projects.

In-house consultancy

Seeking a boost in expertise and bandwidth for your in-house integration projects? Tap into our community of seasoned integration experts!



Application integration

Application integration streamlines communication among diverse systems, enhancing an organization’s value, reliability, and scalability. With a mix of APIs, runtimes, and integration flows, we establish your organization’s connectivity foundation.


API Management

API Management ensures secure and organized data sharing both internally and externally. It integrates key features like threat protection, monitoring, and monetization, making it a crucial component in your integration strategy.



Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) facilitates real-time system communication and scalable, decoupled IT structures. Its ability to quickly respond to data changes positions businesses at the forefront of modern digital demands.


B2B Integration

In today’s business ecosystems, seamless partner integration through B2B Integration leads to substantial onboarding cost reductions. Embracing standards like AS4 and EDI, we enhance supply chains, reduce errors, and fortify B2B collaborations.


Managed File Transfer

Managed File Transfer (MFT) addresses evolving business needs with secure, scalable file exchange, excelling for compliance-protected data.



Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) offers cloud-based tools for connecting and integrating various applications, SaaS solutions, and platforms, thereby simplifying your integration flows.

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