Connected Organizations.

Community of integration experts.

Vendor-independent expertises.

Mastery in +10 leading integration solutions.

We build the bridges to
your core IT systems


Our approach

Interconnected organisations: how we help you build them.

Partner with our community of integration experts to lead integration assessments, craft architectural blueprints, guide your software choices and build your integration platforms.

We guarantee 24/7 stability for your integration platforms through our corrective, adaptive, and preventive maintenance.

Through our Academy, we educate your teams on integration patterns, technologies, and architectures. Everything is customized to suit your environment’s unique needs.


Unfold your career within a community of integration experts, with a strong focus on knowledge sharing & personal development.

From integrating technology, to uniting bright minds. We’re all about connectivity. Lead with us.

Learning at i8c

There’s a fantastic atmosphere, with regular knowledge exchanges and supportive colleagues. I often tackle tasks ranging from small to large, which keeps my technical skills sharp and brings in variety. I truly feel at home here!