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Application Integration

Build connected enterprises through application integration.

What is application integration?

Application integration facilitates governed, streamlined communication between heterogeneous applications. Organizations typically host a multitude of systems (e.g., ERPs, SaaS, custom applications, partner systems) and it’s the seamless collaboration among these services that adds value to the organization. A well-managed application integration platform and strategy form the cornerstone of an organization’s reliability, efficiency, and scalability.

Using both asynchronous and synchronous APIs, cloud and self-managed runtimes, as well as message-driven integration flows, we assist in constructing your organization’s connectivity platform.

How we work


We provide an external eye on your environments. By defining modernization roadmaps, we inject best practices and assist in structuring your integration platforms and tools.


From platform selection and bootstrapping the integration middleware to implementing essential integration flows, we’ve got you covered in your enterprise connectivity projects.

In-house consultancy

Seeking a boost in expertise and bandwidth for your in-house integration projects? Tap into our community of seasoned integration experts!

Our Technological Toolbox

Dive into our technological toolbox tailored for optimal application integration.


Based on your business strategy and integration objectives, we perform a deep analysis to determine the ideal integration technologies for your application integration needs.