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Connecting minds & missions

Rooted in the ambition to empower tech talents and merge them with the wonders of connectivity technologies, we empower growth – both for individuals and for organizations.

Everyone of us shares a deep-rooted passion for integration and technology. It’s this passion that fuels our drive to make a genuine difference in our society through technology.

We strongly emphasize lifelong learning and continuous knowledge exchange in a community where your authentic self is celebrated to the fullest.

From operations and architecture to deployment and support, we stand alongside our clients as a strategic partner, always aiming for the best outcomes.

The rapid growth and diverse clients introduce us to various cultures and environments. This enables continuous learning, knowledge sharing and a strong sense of community. While you’re given guidance, the freedom to pursue your passion in this fast-evolving world is amazing.

Integration Architect

Through the lens of digits.

Trusted advisor and premier integrator.

Driven by trust, community, and lifelong learning, we help our customers become fully connected organizations in a pragmatic manner. With these pillars, we innovate to benefit our community, clients, and society.

Job satisfaction “Great Place to work”
Certified Public Cloud & Kubernetes experts
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Certified integration experts
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Founding member of the CBX integration cluster.

CornerBriX unites a community of over 160 integration experts.

CornerBriX (CBX) is Belgium’s largest integration community, uniting over 160 experts from Archers, Integration Designers, i8c,, and B-flow. A place where talent can thrive and where we grow all together.


We connect your business systems, SaaS applications and clouds through tailored hybrid integration solutions.