large telco provider

Large telco provider

B2B and B2C integration

Within a large telco provider, i8c takes care of the automatic and especially secure communication between systems both B2C and B2B. They do this using the AXWAY API gateway and B2BI.

Large Telco provider
Secure communication between systems both B2C and B2B.
API management

Some Examples Of These Cases Are:


With the telco provider, i8c ensures that customers can consult their customer data on the customer portal. Data is retrieved in different systems and shown to the right end user in a safe and automatic way. i8c automatically validates who should have access to his digital television application and which applications he can consult within his digital television environment.

In addition, our consultants ensure that 1000s Belgians can consult films on their digital television. They retrieve data in a catalog from a third party and ensure that it is visible on the front end. All these files have their own certificate so that they are not available for hackers.


The telco provider automatically and securely collects a film catalog from an external supplier. SIM cards are requested from the SIM card products via the API gateway. In addition, i8c also ensures that codes for prepaid cards are encrypted. These codes are delivered to retailers who sell them to end consumers. Every step of the transport process is encrypted.

Abuse of telephone numbers can be reported by other telecom providers or government institutions. The number is then automatically closed immediately.

B2C – B2B

In addition to linking systems and data, i8c also provides protection against hackers. When they notice via a gateway that a hacker is trying to get in, i8c blocks these hackers so that they no longer have a chance to retrieve passwords.